About Us

Who is Skabenga?Skabenga Sailboat

Skabenga Lures is not your ordinary lure manufacturing company. We have made a decision in our lives to produce lures that work exceptionally well. We also have dedicated our mission to sail around the world and to fish the whole way. On this mission we are learning about how our lures work and also tweaking them as we see needed. As S/V Skabenga makes way, We always have a spread out. As our skills develop, we become more in tune with our surroundings. We encourage clean fishing tactics and support the proper management of our ever so precious resources. We invite you to be a part of our team and give feedback as you see needed. Be a part of Skabenga life where the world is your oyster, stay driven, and know the only easy day was yesterday.

The Vessel

Skabenga is a St Francis 44 MK 2 sailing catamaran geared for offshore fishing. Currently Skabenga is sailing around the world and always has a spread in the water to catch big game!

The Mission

To produce quality off shore trolling lures for both sailboats and sport fishing boats while sailing and fishing around the world. And to always boast a bad ass attitude on our bad ass boat!